Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Pelican Lakeshore Owners Association
PO Box 52
 Orr, MN 55771

The Pelican Lakeshore Owners Association (PLOA) is a non-profit corporation that was organized in the Sate of Minnesota in 2008. The members of PLOA are owners or lessees of property on Pelican Lake in St. Louis County, Minnesota.


The PLOA is formed for the following purposes:

  • To serve as an organized voice for its members with governmental agencies and the public;
  • To address issues that may adversely impact the lake, its use and enjoyment, its ecological integrity, and its condition as a natural resource;
  • To monitor the condition of the lake and the impact on the lake from any development of the lakeshore or other nearby property;
  • To provide a source of volunteers to assist with lake or watershed projects; and
  • To monitor and improve water quality, water clarity, and fish, waterfowl, and other wildlife habitat.

Pelican Lake is a large (12,000+ acres) recreational body of water providing year round activities for local residents and tourists, as well as supporting numerous businesses on the lake. We are dedicated to maintaining the overall quality of the lake and its environs to ensure its preservation now and for future generations.



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